17 of my Favorite Memories from Age 17

My family goes all out for birthdays. We fully adopt the “birthday month” mentality and party hard. Simply put, we will take any excuse to celebrate one another, and I think that is really special.


All this to say– it is my birthday week and I’m feeling nostalgic, ecstatic, restless, and peaceful all at once.

17 made me feel young and full of promise. For the first time, I felt like I was living in the moments I’ll tell my grandkids about someday.

It was overwhelming and beautiful and occasionally really difficult, but it was so much fun.

So in following the whole sentimental golden years vibe this post seems to be developing, I thought I would share 17 of my favorite moments from age 17.

  1. Laying under the stars late one summer night on Martha’s Vineyard. This was a very ordinary moment. Nothing miraculous happened at all. It was just me and one of my best friends, Kate. And yet as I silently lay there with a canopy of stars illuminating my face, I felt so at peace.
  2. Playing Truth or Dare at camp. This sounds like the most childish thing ever, and I think that is why I love it so much. That entire day was amazing, to be honest. But by the end of it, as I was watching my friend Annie drink other people’s drinks, and as I cackled with laughter, I felt so truly happy.
  3. When I witnessed Harry Styles sing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ at Madison Square Garden. Peak of my adolescence.
  4. My sleepover at school. People always give me confused faces whenever I talk about this haha. But basically, one night, my friends and I slept over at our school for an overnight retreat. We stayed up all night dancing to ‘Thank U, Next’, eating McFlurry’s, playing basketball, going to church, and spilling all the tea.
  5. Junior Prom. This night was so special and fun.
  6. The time I got stuck in a snowstorm and was stuck in my car for 7 hours. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy for including this. But as treacherous as it was (and trust me, it was so), I feel weirdly proud of it? Like I did that and can cross it off the bucket list.
  7. Watching ‘A Simple Favor’ with my best friends Sophie and Catherine. This is so random, but this moment was so normal that it feels special. Does that make sense? Like, it was a regular day, just sitting on Catherine’s couch, watching this movie, and making jokes. Such a normal situation that it feels nostalgic and memorable.
  8. Sitting in Grand Central eating Ice Cream from the pint late one Friday night. This was post-San Gen with sore feet, so that ice cream tasted like the best ice cream I had ever had.
  9. Playing golf one summer morning in the Hamptons with my family. Watching my brother hit a golf club was priceless.
  10. The Taylor Swift concert. Changed my life.
  11. This one night in Boston when my family and I had the most randomly amazing time. I laughed the entire night. So so so special.
  12. Watching Good Will Hunting for the first time.
  13. Dancing under the stars at the Lincoln Memorial. If you haven’t caught on yet, I love me a good spontaneous dance sesh.
  14. Tech Week 2018. There’s no way I could pick just one moment from this week. It was filled with so much love and joy. Not to mention miracles since I was dancing on a freshly sprained ankle with no pain (!!).
  15. When I was alone in my school cafeteria and did the full dance to Stick to the Status Quo from High School Musical. Iconic.
  16. Eating those huge Homer Simpson donuts and dancing through Universal Studios with my brother.
  17. When Catherine and I went to the Rockefeller Tree and I ran into Machine Gun Kelly. Just a solid life experience.

I’ll always look on this age with a smile. But as I say goodbye to 17, and consequently, my childhood (hi WHAT?!), I know that my best days are still to come.

All the love.


M. xo.


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