17 Things I’ve Learned at Age 17

OK guys, it’s day two of birthday week and officially my last day as a child (SO weird). So far today I have been completely spoiled with flowers, slushies, and ice cream; I’ve been blasting my childhood jams and taking the ULTIMATE trip down memory lane (we’re even talking baby pictures, y’all).

Basically, I’ve had the most Madeline Chadban birthday eve imaginable. Which is totally appropriate if you ask me ;).


As per tradition, I’ll be sharing some of the greatest lessons I learned at age 17.

This post is mostly for me, but I encourage you to do something similar on your own birthday. I find this type of reflection so grounding and fulfilling.

  1. Nothing is guaranteed. Live everyday like you will never get it back. Because you won’t.
  2. The harder you work, the luckier you get.
  3. Life’s short. Eat the donut.
  4. It’s cool to stand up for what you believe in. An informed opinion is (usually) more respected than ignorance.
  5. Friends can disagree and argue and still love each other beyond.
  6. People will always try to de-value your success. Do something so huge and so great that they can’t deny it.
  7. Whatever you are, don’t be small-minded.
  8. Film everything. Even just a conversation with your best friend as she drives you home. It’s these moments, the small ones, that you’re going to want to remember.
  9. Crocs are cool.
  10. God has done so much more than you give Him credit for.
  11. People will judge and speculate and spread all sorts of lies. Have the last laugh and love them anyway.
  12. It could be worse. Just sayin’.
  13. The best friends don’t need an explanation for everything, and trust you nonetheless.
  14. iHop isn’t that great. Sorry.
  15. Choose to have a good day and you will have a good day. There is so much power in choice.
  16. Ask people how their parents and grandparents met. You will hear the most fascinating stories.
  17. Pay attention to that gut feeling. Even if it doesn’t make sense, it is always right.

And there it is. 17 lessons that surmise my 17th year.

Thank you to those that made it what it was.

All the love.


M. xo.


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