2018 was the year of curveballs. The best and worst kind.

In years gone by, I would drop some sort of statement like the one above and spend the next thousand words explaining them and how they relate to the year passed.

Not this year.

Instead, I’m keeping it short and sweet (at least I hope you see it that way…?).

2018 might not have been the best year of my life, but it sure was the most fun. It will forever be remembered as the year I vowed to have a good time, no matter what else was going on. And as my circumstances grew more and more unpredictable, I rested in the knowledge that I am seventeen years old. I’m allowed to dance barefoot and stay up all night and jump off cliffs (within reason, ok).

2019 will bring a world of change for me. And yet even still, I promise to have the time of my life.

Wishing you love and happiness in the new year.

Talk soon.


M. xo.


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