A Month of Rest + Celebrations

It’s officially summer! Happy days!

I’m obviously in Australia, where it’s winter, but thankfully winter here in Newcastle consists of mostly sunny, relatively warm days. It’s pretty comparable to NYC in May so, not bad!

It’s been a really nice, restful month with lots to celebrate and be thankful for! Here’s a bit of what it’s looked like.

The winter swell is here and it is seriously showing off! I drove past the beach this day and saw how many people were lined up watching the surfers, so I went down to see it for myself. I love watching people surf. I find it so relaxing and mesmerizing. I also love stormy days on the beach. It’s cozy and comforting and kind of chaotic all at once. Needless to say, I was pretty content perched up watching whichever former pro-surfer was out there that day (there are a few that live here).

Any of my fellow Aussies ever have these as a kid? I used to love them! My mom has been making them a bunch and we’ve been loving them (so does everyone that comes over). They’re super easy to put together and the cutest addition to any home brunch. I also really love to sit out in the kitchen, snack on all the extra bits, and chat with my Mom when she makes them.

The first of many insta-worthy brunches this month! We’ve had quite a few things to celebrate, and this has been our favorite way to do so! If you know me IRL, you know how much I love food. Specifically, breakfast food. Putting on this spread has been sparking all the joy over here! I mean, who could say no to a morning full of croissants, scones, and mimosas?

We first did this spread to celebrate Gabriel’s graduation with some of our family friends. It was such a beautiful morning!

How cute is this care package I got from my school?! Things are getting very real now and I am so excited! T-Minus 2 months ’till move in!

Gabriel’s graduation morning! His classmates are currently scattered all over the world, so they had a virtual graduation ceremony. I am so proud of him, and all the work he has done. He is truly remarkable, and such a hard-worker! It was so special to celebrate him, all he has done, all that his school meant to him and to our family, and to get excited about what is next. He is stepping into the perfect high school for him next year, and I could not be more thrilled for him!

Aaaaaand after he graduated, we took him to his favorite restaurant in Newcastle, Goldberg’s. It was our first time eating in a restaurant as a family in months!

I cannot believe he is going to be a freshman this fall! So crazy!

The flower set up at Harris Farm 😍

My friend Valerie got a bunch of her disposables back from Greece, and I love them so much! What I love most about them is that these are all genuine moments in time captured; there was never any posing or staging, it was just, “hey smile!” then bam picture taken. I’m so thankful we have these in addition to our regular pictures. Going through them reminded me of so many moments I forgot about, and have given visuals to some of my favorite stories we have all told our friends and family.

Father’s Day breakfast spread!

Father’s Day dinner!

My Mom and I made some insta-worthy additions to our champagne. My grandma was totally outraged haha.

Although it wasn’t Father’s Day in Australia, we still wanted to celebrate as a family since we will be back in the States for Australian Father’s Day. We basically spent the entire day around the dining table– no complaints from me! We also watched Rambo: Last Blood (the boys’ decision) and long story short, I stopped looking at the screen after about 30 minutes.

Sunset walks at the lake 😍

I brought back some Sour Patch Watermelons from the States earlier this year and every time the kids come over, they head straight for them. They (understandably) went pretty quickly and Kenz and Cohen were so sad that we can’t get them here in AUS. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was in a different grocery store to the one I usually go to, and I freaking found Sour Patch Watermelons. I was genuinely so excited.

I, of course, bought them and went and surprised the kids with them at school pick up. We went back to their house and had the big taste test and we’re all big fans! Kenzie ate almost the entire bag that afternoon 😳

Golden hour at Harris (I come here too often)

Living for sweet, small moments ❤️

Liverpool won the Premier League and we are so freaking happy about it!

I made these passionfruit and coconut bars! Will share the recipe soon.

Things are very different here in Newcastle compared to NYC when it comes to COVID. Making the most of eating out and not having to wear a mask while I can!


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