A New Season in Fiji

I’ve deeply considered how much I want to share about this trip. I usually have no issue when it comes to recapping a vacation– I just post pictures and give the rundown of what we did and where we did it. This trip is a little different though. It’s different because sharing most of the details of this trip would require me to open up in a way I am simply not comfortable with. At least not right now. 

I realize how dramatic this sounds. I do. I would usually avoid this sort of disclaimer at all costs, but after staring at a blank screen for the past few days, unsure of how to frame this, I feel that it is best, to be honest about my conflict. 

So yeah. I’m in this new and wonderfully exciting season of life where my dreams are coming to fruition right before my eyes. And I went to Fiji. 

Here’s a little bit of what happened. 

They finally finished the departure sign renovation at Sydney Airport. Looks so much better! Perfect for every pre-vacation instagram.
The airport in Suva. Wish I got a picture of the airport in Savusavu– it was honestly the size of a bus stop!
First stop was a supermarket to stock up on Fiji Water!


We spent the first few days about 2 hours out of Suva in what felt like the middle of nowhere. The drive from Suva was so beautiful. We drove through so many villages and every single person we drove past waved at us. Convinced that Fijians are the sweetest people on the planet.

The place we stayed at was pretty rural but cool. Definitely an experience. We had no hot water at all and only had electricity for a few hours a day. Not ideal– but a new experience! And a good story!

There were a lot of bugs though– more than I’ve ever seen. They were completely swarming us at dinner; I was constantly pulling them off me. I got eaten alive. So bad. I had that many bites that it looked like I had some sort of skin disease. Everything else made up for this 10x over though.

Me and Gabriel outside our bungalow. We sat on that porch one morning and watched the rain– so peaceful.
Quickly showing you the inside of my room to note how we had to sleep under those nets to keep the bugs (and geckos) out. I meant it when I said there were a lot of bugs.
Me and my sweet Momma
My Dad! I love him so much.
The walk down to the beach
This was our favorite bull. Gabriel and I named him Fernando.
One big happy family
Black Sand Beach!
Gabriel found this bamboo and carried it with him EVERYWHERE.
Bamboo made it in the pic
Volcanic rock in the ocean
I missed Fiji sunsets!
No filter. Just so beautiful!
The bungalow where we ate all our meals!
There were a bunch of stray cats at this place. They certainly didn’t have any trouble making themselves at home!
Rainy Morning
You’re probably wondering what the heck this is. I get it– it doesn’t look like much. It’s actually a natural spring. You can read about the phenomenon of this spring here.
Also at the spring


Next up was Savusavu! My family and I went to Savusavu several years ago and loved every second of it– so we were more than excited to go back!

On our way to Savusavu!
Tiny planes FTW!
The pool! So amazing.
The property grew a bunch of its own fresh produce! These banana trees were scattered around.
Me and my Mom sunrise fishing! Didn’t catch a thing 🙁
May not have caught a fish, but this view was spectacular!
Rainy day at the house
Let the record show that I won every game. Yep. So proud.
Peep my cider in the left-hand corner that I tried to hide lol
I’ll take this view every day, please!

One morning we decided to go to a waterfall on the island! It was just so unreal. I was completely in awe of how beautiful it was.

In order to get to the waterfall, we had to go through the village first and give them some kava and a donation. I didn’t take any pictures of the village out of respect for them, but it was really special to meet and honor the local community. They are all such sweet and kind people.

Our taxi driver pulled over to this lookout on our way to the village so we could take in this view! Such a beautiful island.
Walking to the waterfall. So lush!

We all expected the water to be freezing since well– those sorts of things usually are, but it wasn’t cold at all! There also weren’t other people there; so we had the whole place to ourselves.

The view from the porch outside my room. The best sight to wake up to.
Some more fresh produce on the property! We had some of this pineapple with ice cream for dessert one night and it was legendary.
Cute lil’ breakfast selfie
We went to the blue lagoon in Savusavu and it turns out it is where they film Survivor! They had only wrapped a few days before we went so we got to see the setup which was cool. We also met someone who lives nearby and he was spilling all the secrets!
That’s the blue lagoon behind me. It was pretty much impossible to capture, but it was really pretty! It was also crazy salty; we spent the afternoon just floating around.
Catch us on Survivor season 40 👍🏼
The reflection of the clouds in the water 😍
We played Bocci Ball with coconuts one afternoon and let me tell you– I freaking rose to the occasion. The whole game, I was the weak link in my team until I came through at game point and rolled the winning coconut. I love being an athlete.
We went over to the resort by us for some drinks on our last night. A great way to end an even greater vacation.

Bye for now, Fiji! I love you I love you I love you!

All my love.


M. xo.


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