A Very Australian Christmas

This holiday season was a little different for me. As my family counted down the days ’till Christmas, we were also counting down the days until we left Australia again. We were originally supposed to fly out on Christmas morning, but thanks to some bad weather, our flight was canceled, and our departure was postponed 24 hours. This scenario feels like it encapsulates what 2019 has been for me and my family: it didn’t go to plan, but it was way better.

All this to say, Christmas was unbelievably full this year. In the best way. I even think we had the most Christmas dinners we’ve ever had in a season (major bonus– especially since we missed out on Thanksgiving!).

Here’s a glimpse into what it looked like.

The Lead-Up

The lead-up to Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. Although it didn’t feel like Christmas in AUS, it was still pretty special. And my favorite time for a completely different reason.

We spent as much time as possible with our loved ones, and soaking up the last bits of summer before heading into this New York winter (which is v. daunting after essentially 18 months of warm(er) weather).

This is my dear, dear friend, Sophie! We’ve been friends since kindergarten and stayed close through every season. It was such a blessing to spend so much time with her in this season.
Playing golf with my cousin, Mackenzie. Gabriel and I absolutely adore our cousins, and in these last few weeks especially, we spent every moment we could with them.
Santa hats and swimsuits. Not the usual Christmas combo but a fan nonetheless!

We spent a great deal of time in Sydney in the weeks leading up to us leaving. It felt way more Christmassy than Newcastle, though, so I really was not opposed at all.

The Christmas tree in the Queen Victoria building. Sidenote– the Queen Victoria building is so great. My Dad and I were looking for breakfast one morning and ended up at the cutest tea room up on the second level, There are also a bunch of great stores in there. This may be old news to some of you but I had no idea!
Christmas tree in Martin Place.
Determined to make a gingerbread house like this one day.

Family Christmas Dinner

Since my uncle and his family were going to be away for Christmas, and since we were (at this point) flying out on Christmas day, we had our family celebration a little early.

This is the first Christmas season EVER that we were all together to celebrate. The last time we were in Australia for Christmas was 2012, and my youngest cousin, Cohen, wasn’t even born yet. It was the greatest gift to spend this time together.

Gabriel and Mackenzie both sang their songs they had previously performed at their Christmas concerts, I played Christmas carols on the piano, and to top it all off, all us kids performed tiktok dances. Yep. A very 2019 Christmas.

I don’t think my Pop took that Santa hat off all night. As we were all opening our presents, we had to go over and get a picture on “Santa’s” knee. Got very funny as soon as the two littles were done.

Christmas Day

Christmas day felt so surreal this year. I kept saying “Merry Christmas” to remind everyone (and myself) that it was indeed Christmas. It was a pretty giant blessing though. I am so thankful for it.

Obligatory Christmas morning pic in our Christmas eve pajamas! Kept traditions like these alive even though everything else about this Christmas felt different.
Christmas lunch! Outside!
The amount of pavlova I consumed this month is absurd. But also how could you not when it looks like this.
Literally making the most of every moment of sunshine I can get!
“Tropical paradise money shot” – Auntie Chris


Although we flew in on the 26th (my sweet momma’s birthday!) we were still in full Christmas mode, so we spent a few days doing allllll the Christmas things.

My Mom’s birthday last year was our last night in the city altogether, and this year, it was our first night! Such a happy night.
For my Australians reading, this is what I mean when I say that a Northern Hemisphere Christmas just… hits different.
Peppermint Hot Chocolate and a (real) Christmas Tree! Happy place!

I am so thankful for this Christmas season. It was filled with answered prayers and so much love.

Sending you love and happiness this new year.


M. xo.


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