A Week Up At Shoal Bay

We have less than a month left in Australia, so we have been filling our days with all of the things we miss/can’t do in NYC. One of our favorite things to do here is go up to the bay, so we went and spent a week up there with some of our close friends.

Here’s a little of what it looked like.

Soaking up all the indoor dining and group settings since it’s safe here in AUS! Will be very different in NYC.



Fingal Bay! This is where we used to vacation when I was little. I learned how to write my name in this sand! I also used to crab hunting with my Dad here. So many amazing memories!

My parents ❤️ Thankful they’re mine.

I sometimes have these pinch-me moments of, “omg! I’m from here!” It’s just so beautiful.

Sparklers on the beach to celebrate the 4th of July!

Walking to the beach 🙌🏼 There is nothing better than being this close! We would go down multiple times a day!

Açaí bowl lunches 🙌🏼

Beach creations 👍🏼

Swimming in the ocean is my absolute favorite feeling in the world, so although we didn’t pack swimsuits, we jumped in with no hesitations. It was too good to pass up!


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