Boat Day on Lake Macquarie

Before everything had reopened here in Newcastle, Gabriel would go train with one of his fencing coaches at Speer’s Point Park. This was back when you were only allowed to leave the house to get essential items or exercise, so my family would often leap at the opportunity to get out and go for a walk while Gabriel was fencing. My parents and I would walk around the lake, looking at all boats (and the fish they were catching), and be itching to get out there.

So, for Father’s Day, my Mom had the idea of gifting my Dad a day out on the lake as part of his present. My Dad’s favorite presents are experiences, so he was beyond thrilled.

It ended up being one of my favorite days of this entire year. It was so fun! So blessed to have these experiences in the midst of a pandemic.

Not that you can really tell from this picture, but I was getting hammered by the waves, so everyone ditched me up front haha. Gave me flashbacks from my family’s infamous 2013 Whitsundays Yacht adventure (if you know, you know 😳).

The catch of the day! We had been fishing for about an hour, and I was like, “that’s enough. I want a fish so I can relax”, so I prayed, and I kid you not the moment I said “amen” I had a massive bite. It’s honestly quite the miracle we got it in the boat– it broke the rod and the hook!

We ended up having it for dinner that night and it was so yum! Several hundred dollars worth of meat on that thing ($70/kg). Highlight of my freaking life.

The most quintessentially Australian meal– a sausage sizzle! In all its glory!

How crazy is this rainbow that randomly appeared above me? We didn’t notice it until we got home and looked at the pictures!

More fish! We all caught at least one!

My sweet fam ❤️


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