Christmas So Far

Hey guys… Long time no blog– I KNOW! Sorry for going M.I.A. on here recently, I have been tremendously busy and simply have had no time to document my adventures. Despite this reality, I have, as you can probably imagine, gone fully Christmas crazy, and have had the most beautiful and festive month. With this in mind, I thought I would round up a few of my Christmas activities, and give you all a glimpse into my life over the past month.


Christmas Tree Picking

Yep, you read that right. CHRISTMAS TREE PICKING. The concept of going to the farm to cut down a REAL Christmas tree was completely foreign to Australian self several years ago, but now, is the only reality that seems fit for this time of year.

I won’t ramble on forever about how great the atmosphere was, because, you best believe I 100% could. I will, however, say this: it smelled AMAZING, was the perfect temperature, and was one of the best ways to start the Christmas season. Yep, practically perfect in every way.




Father Daughter Christmas Dance

Every year, my school hosts a Father-Daughter Christmas dance! It is the most fun night full of laughter, dancing, good food, and lots of Christmas spirit!




First Snow!

This year, the first snow fell on a Saturday, meaning that we could have a cosy and festive day in, which let me tell you, is the absolute best way to wind down after a busy week.



Christmas Carols at St. Patricks

Those who know me know I LOVE my Christmas carols, so when my Mom suggested going to St. Patricks for a night of caroling, you best believe I was ecstatic. It was such a beautiful and festive night that REALLY got me into the Christmas spirit. If you’re planning on going, and you don’t have tickets, definitely line up early to ensure that you can get in and get a seat. It fills up very quickly!



12 Days of Christmas

One of the major differences between school in Australia and the U.S. is the breaks. In Australia, my break would start at the beginning of December, meaning I had the whole month to celebrate Christmas. In New York however, we get out much closer to Christmas. This can sometimes mean that it doesn’t really feel like Christmas until the week before when school ends. In an effort to avoid this, my friends and I instituted a 12 Days of Christmas activity at our school. Every day, on our last 12 days of school before break, we had a Christmassy activity organized to increase Christmas and School spirit. Whether it was wearing Christmas sweaters in place of the uniform, playing Christmas carols between classes, or even just decorating snow-flake decorations, it was an absolute blast, and I am so thankful we started it!


I hope you all have had a great month, and an even greater Christmas!


Praying for joy and peace as we enter the new year.

Love always.




M. xo.



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