Continuing On + Easing Restrictions

Another month down! Anyone else keep forgetting it’s not still March? Seems crazy to think that, come monday, it’s freaking JUNE.

Restrictions here in Aus started lifting at the beginning of this month, so things have honestly felt pretty normal. Unlike NYC, schools are open, we can eat at restaurants, and some sports are even back. I went for a walk at the beach with my friend Sophie last week, and we were talking about how lucky we are to be able to do that and have so many normal rhythms even in the midst of a pandemic. Feeling so blessed and thankful!

Here’s what else has been going on.

My friends have been doing zoom happy hours! (It’s usually 10am for me so I drink coffee haha). We play Psych or make Kahoots with questions about ourselves, and it is so fun! It feels so amazing to be able to play a game together even when we’re all scattered across the world.

Told him to smile and this is what I got 🤦🏻‍♀️

Never been more thankful for our backyard, and that I can sit by the pool and read!

Lil’ besties!

My Mom made this for dessert and it was heavenly. Kind of like a s’mores dip but Australian-ized.

We are so thankful that we are able to hug + spend time with our cousins now (and that we are all healthy and safe). Felt so weird to be here and not be able to see them!

Y’all… zoom in on my face.

All that sugar definitely started to show 😳

Bet you can’t tell they missed him!

Mother’s Day prep ❤️

Mother’s Day presents for our favorite lady! We love getting to spoil her.

Aaaaand of course we had to have fresh croissants for brunch 🙌🏼

We had such a beautiful Mother’s Day! Spent the day relaxing and eating (so much) good food with family. Very blessed!

The typical seating arrangement at any given Sunday family dinner

Dessert after lunch? Big yes from me!

Made ANZAC biscuits! I’m not going to lie– I thought these were a flop for almost the entire baking process, and it wasn’t until they came out of the oven that I realized they actually worked! What threw me off was how crumbly the mixture was. I knew the mixture would be super dry, but I don’t think I was prepared for exactly how dry it was. Turned out delish though– the perfect snack with a cup of tea!

My family used to joke about how my Mom would always take pictures of the sunset. Seems like I’m definitely following in her footsteps.

Don’t think I’ve ever shown this on the blog before, but this is the Liverpool Tavern! It’s the bar in my grandparent’s house dedicated to Liverpool (they’re clearly big fans). This is usually where the party is at (lol), but Gabriel, Kenz, Cohen, and I hang out here pretty often too.

Told you they were big fans!

Another sunset for good measure.

Science project for Gabriel!

Spending every possible minute together!

Celebrated my Pop’s birthday! We love him so much.

Back on my beach walk + açaí bowl grind

Yep 😍

Made Lemon Bars! They’ve been a big hit in my family! Will share the recipe soon.


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