Exploring NYC Through the Eyes of a Tourist

Every Summer I try to do some sort of college program in the city. This means that I not only get to study at some of the country’s most prestigious schools, but I am also typically given the chance to explore the city with other students from around the nation. This year, I did the Summer Academy at The King’s College here in NYC, and similar to previous years, I was able to show my peers around my home. Different to previous years however, was the unexpected amount of joy and fun I had whilst doing so. This past week was probably one of the greatest weeks of my life, and I feel so blessed to have made such incredible memories with the most amazing people.

With this in mind, I thought I would share some pictures from this week, offering a glimpse into what was honestly, an unforgettable experience.

To the people I met + grew close to this week, y’all (yes girlypops, I said y’all) are some of the most unique and beautiful people I’ve ever met. Thank you for giving me the best week I could have ever asked for. I love you all.



M. xo.

^^still smiling despite there being literally no visibility at Freedom Tower

^^we took this boat ride around Lower Manhattan + The Statue of Liberty and despite it being ridiculously unstable and cold (for July), it was so beautiful!

^^yep. You saw that right. I went to Times Square TWICE. Outrageous, I know, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. 

^^that guy is high key a supporting role in this picture lol

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