Fall Essentials

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll know that lately I have been obsessing over chunky sweaters and absolutely everything even remotely related to pumpkins! This is just example #2983640 of how excited I am about Fall. There is just something about the crisp mornings and warm drinks that is so appealing to me. However, in saying all this, the change in seasons can be a little harsh as we kiss goodbye the sweet memories of Summer and prepare for the brutal Winter ahead. So I thought I would help a friend out and give you the insight into some of my Fall must-haves! You’re welcome in advance 😉

As a self confessed Starbucks addict, you can always assume I’ll have coffee with me at all times– especially in the colder months! However I’m totally that person that is still drinking iced coffee when it’s 10 degrees out! I admit, freezing my fingers off isn’t exactly the wisest action but it’s just too good. In saying that, there comes a point where loosing feeling in my fingers just isn’t worth it anymore. It’s at this point that I usually switch to a peppermint hot chocolate, or my new favorite, a caramel macchiato. I have been drinking iced caramel macchiato’s all summer long but having it warm is just as good and a much nicer combination with the weather. Walking to school every morning can have it’s unavoidable struggles, such as the random wind tunnels (New Yorkers will know what I’m talking about) and the interesting smells, but having a nice hot drink can make that experience a lot more pleasant and can help with the whole not-getting-frostbite thing. Caramel macchiatos, you are here to say!

Another thing that helps with the whole not-getting-frosbite thing is keeping your neck warm. I know it sounds stupid but it totally works! I always find that if my neck is nice and snug, my entire body is so much warmer. My favorite way to achieve this is by wearing scarves or even turtlenecks. The good thing about scarves is that you can style them a million different ways, which is the best part, right? Another great thing about scarves is that you can take them off whenever you please. And as someone who is constantly switching from heat exhaustion to hypothermia in a matter of 20 seconds, this is a HUGE bonus! However one of the most annoying things about Winter is the amount of layers you need to wear. So when the thought of putting on 20,000 layers before heading out the door is just too much, turtlenecks will become your new best friend. I’ve loved turtlenecks for the longest time, so the fact that they are now a huge trend makes me soooooo happy! They are not only ridiculously cute, but also feel like what I imagine a hug from a giant marshmallow would be like. And I mean, who doesn’t want to be hugged by a giant marshmallow?

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One Fall trend that I have been loving recently is hats! This summer was undeniably the Summer of the baseball cap but this fall has 100% been all about floppy hats and fedoras. Hats are the absolute best when it comes to pairing them with an outfit. A simple black floppy hat goes with almost anything and instantly makes even the most simple of outfits, super stylish. They’re the perfect finishing touch we’ve all been looking for! But if I haven’t convinced you yet of the greatness of the hat, just remember that hats completely hide the reality of your unwashed hair and prove themselves to be a giant style-saver in the process. I believe this is what the kids would call a win-win situation?

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Now I don’t know about you, but when the seasons change, my skin tends to go a little wild. And as someone who has combination skin, this is a major struggle. Having combination skin essentially means that some parts of my skin is super oily whilst other parts are beyond dry. If I use products for dry skin, I break out; but if I use products for oily skin, my skin isn’t properly hydrated, which can then cause a million different problems of it’s own. With this in mind, I have tried all the tricks to try to sort this problem out but none have seemed to work. So when I found Neutrogena’s moisturizer for combination skin, you can imagine my excitement. This product has become an essential in my everyday life and a must-have for the Fall time especially.

One thing that you will very quickly learn about me is that I am absolutely obsessed with trench coats. And when I say absolutely obsessed, I mean absolutely obsessed! Over the past couple of years, the trench coat has become part of what I like to call my “style staples”. My style staples are the pieces that stay in my wardrobe at all times and at all costs. The trench coat I’ve been wearing recently is actually my mom’s but I have 100% stolen it. Trench coats are such a classic piece that can instantly make any outfit formal and have definitely become one of my all time faves.

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So there you have it folks! Those are my must-haves for Fall. The Fall time is undeniably one of my favorite times in the whole year and I love that I am able to share this with all of you. Leave me a comment down below telling me some of your Fall essentials and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with my everyday life. And if you’re totally as obsessed with Fall as I am, you can follow me on Pinterest to witness my obsession in full. All my links are in the sidebar. Stay tuned for more fall related posts coming your way soon before I go all Christmas-crazy!

Madeline xo


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My Outfit:

Trench Coat: J Crew

Turtleneck: Ann Taylor

Jeans: Kate Spade

Scarf: Burberry

Shoes: Anne Klein

Hat: Bloomingdales



  1. November 1, 2015 / 3:43 pm

    Great photos… You are amazing. Xxxx

  2. Jody Chadban
    November 1, 2015 / 4:22 pm

    You are my favorite Fall accessory!!! xx

  3. Amy
    November 1, 2015 / 4:41 pm

    Wow – loving your style inspiration

  4. Carole
    November 28, 2015 / 9:56 am

    Love scarfs this time of year! Glad turtlenecks are fashionable again too!

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