Fall Hike

Happy November, everyone! Can you believe it’s already November? It seems like this year, and especially season, is flying by! This Fall season, I have been focusing on living in the moment, and have been learning to savor every second of every day. With this in mind, I have been loving every moment of this season, and am excited to yet again share more of my autumnal adventures.

Last weekend, my family and I traveled up to the Poconos for our Church’s retreat, and it was the most beautiful, cosy, and life-giving little getaway I could’ve asked for. Being in the Poconos, it was obviously fairly cooler than the city, and the scenery was more similar to the classic depiction of Fall in the Northeast. As a total Autumn junkie, you can bet that I was totally in my element, and was obviously extremely excited to go for a hike in the woods in and amongst the beauty of God’s creation. When I moved to NYC, I totally believe I gained a new appreciation for nature and the beauty of creation, and so hiking throughout the crisp and colorful Pennsylvanian woods was 100% up my alley.

I’m so excited to share these beautiful pictures with you, and to (hopefully) keep some of you in the Fall spirit for a little while longer.

Talk soon.



M. xo.


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