Family Getaway in The Country

Last weekend, my whole family went up to my grandparents place out in the country, and it was the most refreshing little getaway full of so many precious moments that I never want to forget.

Here’s just a bit of what went down.

How pretty is the creek on their land? Gabriel and I think it looks like something from Lord Of The Rings.

Full fam migration down to the creek for some fishing!

The cutest little fisherman 😍

Digging for worms to use for bait! This completely brought me back to my childhood. I remember when I was little, I used to spend my Saturday afternoons out in the yard digging and collecting worms. I used to give them names and fully ask to keep them (can you tell I wanted a pet?). So weird, I know.

Fishing attempt #2

Went down to the waterfall in hopes of better luck. Sadly didn’t catch anything. I did not have one cast without getting my line caught on the trees and/or rocks.


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