Happy Fall!

Y’all, Fall is HERE, and you can bet I am nothing less than ecstatic. Although the weather isn’t totally sweater-appropriate just yet, I’m making the most of these warmer Fall days because I know that I’ll be missing them when its February and freezing haha. So yeah, the climate might not be embracing the season of Fall with open arms, but you can rest assured because I, of course, am. To officially kick off this years apple/pumpkin picking adventures (which, trust me, will involve much more than just one trip to the farm), I headed out to my favorite farm, Hurds, with my best friend Kate, to try to find some pumpkins while they’re still in the actual pumpkin patch. Because I love it so much, I usually save the trip for late October to have it be a little cooler (which is my favorite way to do it). By delaying festivities, however, the pumpkins are usually dead or gone by the time we get there. With this in mind, combined with the reality that I will definitely be going out to the farm more than once this Fall, I decided to come out a little earlier to try to catch some pumpkins and of course, eat my beloved cider donuts.

I am SO excited for Fall this year, and can’t wait to share more about what I have planned for the next few months.

Hope you have a great week.

Talk soon.



M. xo.

^^The entrance of Hurds! This is my absolute favorite farm for Fall pick-your-own fruit and veg! It’s always so festive and picturesque!

^^ngl, I totally would’ve gotten a pumpkin this size if I could have. IMAGINE THE PICS!!!!

^^GUYS LOOK AT HOW CUTE THIS PLACE IS!!!! 10/10 would recommend.

^^These are the pumpkins we ended up getting. We settled for these because I feel like they’ll be easier to carve if they’re smaller(?).

^^The apples are SO good this year!! We ate an absolute ridiculous amount, but they were too good not to! (Side Note: check out the saved livestream on my IG atm. I documented the latter half of us being completely and utterly lost in the TODDLERS maze. Yep. Those things are WAY harder than they look.)

^^You guys. Two words. CHRISTMAS TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, thats all.


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