Home For A Week

There were about four and a half months where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to walk in my High School graduation. Not because of anything I had done, but rather because of a circumstance completely out of my control.

It felt so unfair. Graduation is such a big rite of passage and honestly, I was deeply angered by the thought of missing it.

But then God worked in ways that only He can, and what felt like a whirlwind of events, I was back home for grad week.

Here’s a little bit of what happened.


We landed in the evening, so once we finally got into the city, the first thing we did was get shake shack. Because I mean, it’s shake shack.


Our jet lag was so bad; my mom and I were both awake from 2am, so once the sun rose at about 5:30am, we were out the door. We spent the early hours of the morning walking around the city with a starbucks in hand. It felt so good to be home.

Later had lunch in the park with some dear friends! We went through middle school together and have stayed close ever since ❤️

Took the train up to meet my two best friends that night and was greeted by this sight 😭


Spent most of the day at school, which I actually really loved considering I hadn’t been at school for 5 months! Also I had Chick Fil A for lunch this day. Thought that was worth mentioning.

The Senior Tea
Academic Awards

Took a late night walk to Serendipity to get an obligatory frozen hot chocolate.

Look. At. That.


Day four was full of graduation practices, shopping, and meeting up with friends.

Look how cute the dressing room is at Aerie! Such a sweet idea!

We went to Lalo that night for a late night waffle. So good!

Seriously the best waffles in NYC!


This was another busy school day! We had our Baccalaureate Mass and Senior Luncheon.

After a super full day, my Mom and I did some more shopping and of course had some bomb dessert.


We actually had nothing on at school this day, so my two best friends and I spent the day doing a few of the things we love: chatting, brunching, and exploring NYC.

I’m going to end the recap here, since the next day was graduation, and I have a whole graduation centered post coming soon!

All the love.


M. xo.


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