It’s Fall, Y’all

How cute are my parents?!
Action shot of me trying to get a butterfly to land on my finger haha! The last time it happened, the butterfly DIED on my finger (which btw, was SO SAD), so I really want to redeem myself! 

Before I start off this post, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! The amount of love I received after my last post was totally unexpected and amazing. Those who know me IRL know that my love language is words of affirmation, and so your encouragement has made my tender little heart sing for joy! 


I’ll just cut to the chase: It’s Fall and I am truly overjoyed. It goes without saying that I really love this time of year, and I think it will be no surprise to many of you that I went apple picking on the literal first day of Fall. A little eager, huh? Haha. 

As always, my elaborate self will 100% be going apple picking more than once this year. I usually love to go toward the end of the season the most. It’s so much quieter, and the crisp temperature not only allows for cuter outfits (yep, I’m that person), but it also makes hot cider and warm donuts a million times better. 

Even so, I do still love my early trips to the farm for many reasons. For starters, going earlier means the pumpkin selection is much better. The pumpkins this year are unbelievable. They are absolutely HUGE and the perfect shape. Perfect for carving and/or decor!

Another perk to going earlier applies mainly to one of my favorite farms, Ochs Orchard. Ochs truly has the most delicious ice cream. Like, ever. In the Summer, I love their strawberry ice cream, made from the fresh strawberries on site. But in the Fall, they change up their flavors to what is in season (which is v. much appreciated on my end). Right now, I believe they have amazing pumpkin, cinnamon, and cider flavors! 

I’ve definitely overshared to the max on ice cream (whoops) so I’ll wrap it up here. 

I love this time of year, and am so excited for all of the cosy days ahead of me! 

Hope you’re all enjoying the season (and ice cream) as much as I seem to be. 

Talk soon. 


M. xo. 

P.S. Whaaaaa? Another video??? It’s true and it’s right here. Enjoy! 


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