Starting The School Year & Father’s Day in AUS

Happy (almost) October! I genuinely cannot believe we only have a few months of 2020 left. Anyone else feel like March-July dragged on, and now the weeks are speeding by?

September looked so different to how it was supposed to, but it was such a blessing! Here are a few of my camera roll crumbs.

My first day of college! If you didn’t see my post a few weeks ago, I’m doing the semester remotely from Australia. Definitely making the most of school days by the pool!

Australian Father’s Day! Since we were originally supposed to be back in the States by now, we celebrated the American Father’s Day back in June (since, if we had gone back when we were supposed to, we would have missed both Father’s Days). Now that we extended our time, though, we were here for Australian Father’s Day which is such a blessing! We had the best day with our family celebrating (again).

Kenzie and Co both just got skateboards and are obsessed!

Not sure how we ended up with the skateboards, but is anyone really surprised?

Not a bad school view! I love reading out on the balcony while the sun is setting! So pretty!

Making croissants again! Our friends brought over this incredible plum and rose jam, and the moment we tried it we were all, “we need to make croissants to have with this”. SO. GOOD.

Sidenote– the smell of the croissant dough fully smells like quarantine to me now. Thankfully it hasn’t put me off them, though! They’re so good.

Every man and his dog told me to read Normal People, so I did. And honestly… I didn’t love it. I want to do a full post at the end of the year breaking down all the books I’ve read this year, so I’ll explain myself then. But for now, I’ll just say I wasn’t the biggest fan. If you know me IRL and are seriously outraged by my judgment, text me, and change my mind! I’m so open!


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