My Experience at an All-Girls School

Single-sex schools are decently uncommon where I’m from in Australia, so I often get asked how I liked going to one. My answer is the same every time: I absolutely loved it.

Going to an all-girls school was probably the most entertaining experience of my life. Seriously. Having hundreds of girls in one building was chaotic and comforting and hilarious all at once.

I often joke that my high school should have its own sitcom (The Office style); some of the things that happened are that crazy and random that they truly sound made up. Would be a screenwriter’s DREAM!

My friends and I knew how abnormal our high school experience was, so we started documenting the craziness our senior year. Now when people ask about high school, we have a full list of the most ridiculous things that really happened (even though they sound insane).

Whether it was all the phone calls to the school going to the phone in the elevator or casually watching a swat team raid the embassy across the street with Catherine mid music class, there was always something going on. There was always a story.

I’m a firm believer that high school is what you make of it, and it wasn’t hard to have the absolute best time every day at my high school.

As much I loved the dances, curling my hair in the nurse’s office, playing piano in the music room, praying the rosary in the church at 3am (yes, this really happened), and the brownies (Ferrer girls know), what made high school so special was my class. By the time senior year rolled around, we really were sisters. I think it’s kind of cool that all-girls schools have a reputation for being cliquey and catty, but that was not my experience at all. Everyone spoke to everyone, and we truly shared a unique bond.

No matter what else was going on in my personal life and the world as a whole, I walked into that treasured building every morning with my iced coffee and donut, and I knew that I was loved.

My heart aches for the world right now, but I want to honor the Ferrer class of 2020 in particular. I’m so sorry that this is how it’s ending. You are so loved and you’re going to do amazing things.

Falcons forever.

All my love.



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