My Weekend in Ocean Grove, NJ

You guys, it’s happened. Summer has officially come to a close. As sad as I am about vacation ending, I am feeling beyond grateful for the Summer I’ve had. It has been the most relaxing, fun, and rewarding Summer I could have hoped for. With this in mind, I wanted to wrap up the Summer by reflecting on a few more of this years experiences and adventures, and I thought I would start with my short getaway to Ocean Grove with my friends.

Every Summer, a couple of my friends and I go out to Ocean Grove, NJ to celebrate our friend Kate for her birthday. Kate’s birthday is actually in May, but since she goes to boarding school, none of us get to see her on her actual birthday. Because of this, our trips to her vacation home in Ocean Grove have become an annual occurrence.

The weekend was full of adventure, laughter, and joy as we all explored Ocean Grove even more and enjoyed being all together. My friends and I went to middle school together, but since we all now go to different schools and live in different parts of the city, it’s rare that we are all in the same place at the same time. Our days were jam packed, and we spent hours exploring, talking, eating good food, and generally just enjoying each others company.

I think my favorite part of the trip was on the last night when we were laying on the beach star gazing and singing old Taylor Swift songs (RIP)– literally the way to my heart.

Feeling very blessed to be able to do things like this with my friends, and am looking forward to many more weekends like this one.

Praying you all had a restful and restoring Summer.

All the love.



M. xo.

^^The sunsets were SO beautiful, so you know I made everyone stop to take pics haha.

^we bought this confetti thing-y in hopes of getting a really cute picture, but it was SUCH a fail. 10/10 would not recommend


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