My Winter Wonderland Christmas

You know that feeling you get when you love something so much that it hurts? Like it is just so perfect or beautiful or amazing that you literally cannot find the words to express how much you love it? Yeah, well that’s pretty much explained my feelings toward life lately, and especially my emotions as I reminisce on this Christmas weekend.

This Christmas was my favorite Christmas ever. Hands down. We spent Christmas out in the Poconos again, and it was beyond amazing. We traveled out there on Friday, and immediately ventured to the most adorable Christmas cottage to get a Christmas tree. It honestly felt like something out of a storybook– it was so magical!

Our days were filled with Christmas movies, gingerbread house building, lots of eating, board games, shopping, and just enjoying each others company. It was so special to be out there with my Grandparents, who are currently visiting from Australia, and to take time to relax with my family.

What was already an amazing weekend turned full on magical when it started to snow on Christmas Eve night, and continued until Christmas morning! None of us had ever experienced a White Christmas quite like that before, so you can bet we were all over the moon with excitement!

I’m feeling so lucky to be where I am right now, and pray you had a marvelous Christmas weekend.

All the love.



M. xo.


These were taken were taken at the place we got our Christmas tree from! See what I mean? Adorable!


On Christmas eve, my brother and I dressed up in our Santa and Elf costumes and reenacted some of our favorite scenes from ELF. It was absolutely hilarious. 10/10 would recommend.


Nothing beats waking up to a White Christmas!



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