My Winter Wonderland Weekend

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OK, if you weren’t aware, New York was showing off this weekend… BIG TIME! Seriously, waking up on Saturday morning to a snow-covered city was probably one of the most exciting moments of my week! (What can I say? I get excited…) Anyway, I had the most magical day.

I first had brunch with my amazing friend Kate and our Moms at Maison Kayser at Columbus Circle. Maison Kayser is a chain of beautiful French café’s across the city that I seriously LOVE! It’s so beautiful and the food is amazing and the bread is even better and ahh. Great place.

From there, Kate and I bid farewell to our parental units and went to Central Park to enjoy the snow. I know I know, we’re crazy. It was so cold out and we nearly fell so many times, but it was so beautiful. After taking a ridiculous amount of pictures and singing our favorite carols a little too loud (whoops), we attempted to look at the holiday windows on 5th Avenue. Key word here is attempted, because once we arrived, it quickly became evident that our grand plans of cute boomerangs at the Bergdorf’s windows were not going to happen. So we quickly switched routes and imparted our energy into baking a grand Christmas cake.

We went to the grocery store, wrote a list, bought our supplies, went to CVS, came home and actually felt like real adults (HA)! The next three hours consisted of a lot of singing, marshmallows, and cake-planning, but it was so fun. We made a four layer chocolate peppermint cake with cream cheese frosting and candy canes, which sounded (and looked) amazing, but honestly was kinda ordinary. It’s fine though, it was the experience that counted.

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^^our “rustic Christmas” cake.


The rest of the day was filled with makeovers, more carols (because, Christmas), and my schools Christmas Concert where Kate had a grand ol’ time taking pictures of me singing in my red robe haha!

I love winter weekends with friends, and am feeling so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

I’m praying you’re all enjoying this beautiful Christmas season!



M. xo.



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