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This Summer has been a Summer full of hard work and opportunity. If there is anything I have learned, it is that you have to hustle to get what you want. Sure, I’m only a rising Sophomore, I have some time to figure out what I want to do with my life. And while this might be true, I’m not one to make excuses and slack off. There’s too much I want to do in the next couple of years for me to adopt the mindset of “I have time”. And while I’m sure it might have been nice to have dedicated the three months to nothing but decompressing from the school year I just completed, I have many more Summers to do so, and I am honestly so glad that I decided to continue working hard in different ways over the past few months. There is so much that I have been blessed to be part of, but the one organization that stands out to me is My Social Canvas.

My Social Canvas is a social enterprise fashion brand that involves students from across the nation. This brand markets its product as “designed for girls, by girls”, and truly upholds this message. All products produced through My Social Canvas are designed for a variety of social causes by girls from all walks of life.

MSC is passionate about giving girls a voice and opportunity, and perfectly encompasses this through their campus representative program. The campus rep program gives High School and College girls access and an exclusive insight into the world of Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, and Fashion. I am so honored to announce that I am now a campus rep for MSC! I am so blessed by this company, and the team behind it.

Lisa, the founder and CEO, is passionate about fashion, social responsibility, and female empowerment; and embodies all of that through My Social Canvas. The way Lisa and I were connected was completely God-orchestrated from the beginning. My Mom was originally introduced to her at church through a friend, and after hearing more about Lisa and her mission, knew that I would be so excited to get involved (which I was)!



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Me and Lisa on the day I became a Campus Rep! 



Since becoming a campus rep a little over a month ago, I have already been given so many opportunities through MSC. One in particular, was being invited to HerConference with Lisa as a VIP guest.

Her Conference was held in the Financial District downtown, and consisted of college girls from across the country involved in HerCampus. HerCampus is an online magazine dedicated to the college girl. With hundreds of chapters, HerCampus has gained a strong presence in the life of the typical college girl, marketing itself as “a Collegiate’s guide to life”. This conference was such an amazing event. It was so great to hear from the Co-Founder and President Windsor Western, Rebecca Minkoff, as well as many other female entrepreneurs and professionals in the fashion industry. The whole experience felt totally surreal. Here I was, at age 15, hanging out with some of the most inspiring women, who all shared the same passion of female empowerment. UNREAL!



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Repping MSC as Rebecca gives advice on how to ‘make it’ in the Fashion Industry


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Lisa and I taking advantage of the photo-ops! 

In addition to HerConference, I also attended the MSC Campus Rep Job Shadow day just last week. This day was an opportunity for a few of the campus reps to unite, and explore what life in the industry is like even further. These Campus Rep days are an annual affair, and are truly unforgettable opportunities. MSC always gains access into the most incredible places. In the past, they’ve visited magazines such as Marie Claire and Seventeen. This year, however, we visited DVF, Elle Magazine, and Rebecca Minkoff, and as you can probably imagine, it was incredible! All of us campus reps were blown away by the genuine kindness of everyone we met, further disproving the whole ‘devil wears Prada’ stereotype. I have so much respect for everyone we met. These people, the ones that have the power to say what’s cool and what’s not, are just regular people who worked their butt off and are now doing what they love. Now I don’t know about you, but to me, that is more than enough to get me inspired and motivated.


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The entrance at DVF! So beautiful, right?! 


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This staircase was the centerpiece of the building, and went all the way to the top where Diane’s office is! 

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The entrance at Hearst! How amazing?! And, that’s rain water flowing. Yep. Hearst Tower is one of the most environmentally green buildings in the city!  


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It was SO good to be back at Hearst! I had been once before last Summer when I visited Seventeen and Cosmopolitan with FIT, but I was so happy to be back! 


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It’s kind of hard to see, but all the magazines have their names frosted on the glass of their entrances in Hearst, and I think it’s so pretty! 


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Overlooking the city from the 49th floor! CRAZY! 


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THE GOODIE BAGS! Oh man, I LOVED the gifts they gave us! Both DVF and Elle gave us gifts and I’m obsessed! 

Something else that is unique about MSC is that a lot of the designs they produce are through design competitions. Girls from all over enter their designs into the competitions MSC holds in partnership with other well known brands, and a panel of seriously well-known judges pick their favorites to be produced! Something that is so special about this, is that not only is the girl’s design produced, but she is also featured with the design. Recently, I was able to attend the Ivy League Designathon MSC held in partnership with Alma Mater! Girls from all the Ivies came together to design new school apparel to be produced if they win! Events like this are so innovative and cool to be part of.

In addition to working with students, MSC has also worked with some Syrian girls, and has featured them, and their designs in their ‘Art of Hope’ campaign. I am so blessed to be part of a company that is doing so much for girls across the globe and is truly changing the culture of the fashion industry.

For anyone who would like to connect with MSC, or buy some of their products (they’re pretty amazing, just FYI), head to their website here. I am so excited for the days to come for My Social Canvas, and am so blessed to be part of it all.


M xo


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  1. September 12, 2016 / 9:57 am

    I love your blog! I dream to live in New York City so it’s really cool to see your posts!! I love fashion and am aspiring to go to FIT! I’m also a MSC Rep and will be attending fashion shows with Lisa this February, it would be so awesome to meet you! We share the same faith so it’s always delightful to meet other Christians and connect! I’m really glad I found your blog, I actually blog too,! Have a great week!

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