Our Roadtrip Through New South Wales

One of the things my family wanted to do during this time in Australia, was to see more of our state. So, now that things are open and travel is permitted, we did a road trip through the country with some of our closest family friends.

Here’s what we saw.

Obligatory pre-trip selfie 👍🏼

Laguna, NSW

Our first stop was Laguna for coffee + morning tea. We went to The Trading Post and it was so cute! Good coffee and good photo ops! Couldn’t ask for much more.

Wiseman’s Ferry, NSW

We drove past this inn on the way to the ferry and just had to stop– it looked so cool! It was built in 1836 from convict-hewn sandstone and just looks so classically Australian! A very cool, unexpected find.

Casual peacock sighting outside the inn?!

Pretty much had this view for the majority of the drive this day! Can’t complain!

Katoomba, NSW

The Three Sisters!

After we were done at the lookout, we went up to the outdoor bar overlooking the mountains, and had a drink while watching the sunset! So pretty!

The next morning, we went and did a tour at the Scenic World in the mountains! We went on a cable car ride out into the middle of the mountains, this crazy steep train ride down to the bottom, and then had a small walkthrough. A really great way to see and learn more about the Blue Mountains if you’re visiting and have the time!

Stopped at The Gingerbread House for a treat. This spice cake was delish!

Something about it being cold and eating spice cake inside a real-life gingerbread house made it feel a whole lot like Christmas… Big yes from me!

One of (so) many full squad selfies 👍🏼

The view from our airbnb in Katoomba!

Early morning chats with my fav travel buddy

We got up super early the next day to head off to our next town, and I caught the sunrise through the door as I was packing my stuff. So beautiful!

Leura, NSW

While we were in Katoomba, we drove over to Leura to check it out. My mom and I were originally motivated to go because of a super cute pajama store there that we wanted to go to (it’s called Papinelle and it lives up to the hype in every way), but we ended up spending hours there! It is such a cute little town!


Hartley Vale, NSW

Quick detour to see our friend’s family’s inn! So special!

A legitimate old town road 😉

Millthorpe, NSW

Had breakfast at The Old Mill! So good!

We were in the heart of wine country out here in Millthorpe, so we did a wine tasting at the Tamburlaine Cellar Door. We love Tamburlaine, and we loved this experience! So good!

Wellington, NSW

Stopped by the Wellington Caves! I did the Jenolan Caves with my school when I was in the 5th grade and absolutely loved it, so I was super excited for this, too! I find it so fascinating how we can just be walking above these masterpieces without even knowing. So beautiful.

Gulgong, NSW

I did not expect to love Gulgong as much as I did– it was the most joyful little town! It has a population of only a couple of thousand and feels like an Australian version of Stars Hollow. Seriously! We went into this little antique store and the owner played us a song on his fiddle, introduced us to his wife, brought out his friend who makes the honey we were buying, and even wanted to introduce us to the man who made the whip we were getting. Everyone walking down the street knows each other, and you can honestly feel the spirit of friendship in the town. Could not recommend more!

My first time seeing the red dirt out in the country!

Genuinely the sweetest town I’ve ever been to.

We went to the Pioneer Museum and it was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip! There was so much there and it was truly amazing. So unlike any museum I had ever been to before. It truly feels like you’ve stepped back in time!

Mudgee, NSW

Aaaaaaand our last “official” stop was Mudgee. Had some brunch, went for a bit of an explore, did some shopping, and finally went to get some Mudgee honey!

This is where we went to get honey! It’s just a couple of minutes outside of the town and has so much stuff! We stocked up on chocolate honeycomb bits 😍

All my love,

M. xo.


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