Our Temporary Normal

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, but time feels completely off right now. On one hand, April feels like it’s flown by. On the other hand, April 1st feels like it was such a long time ago.

I’m not really struggling to remember what day it is, but I am struggling to pinpoint which things happened on which days. With no real events to distinguish the days, I’m struggling to remember things like when I last washed my hair, or when we had tacos for dinner. This might not seem like a big deal to most, but I am usually the go-to person in my family when it comes to remembering when things happened. I don’t know what it is, but I have always been able to recall what happened on any given day (weird). Ask me what I was doing on November 25th, 2011 and I can tell you exactly (I went Black Friday shopping and got a new coat lol), but ask me what I had for dinner last Tuesday and I really have to think about it.

I’m obviously not complaining– it’s just an observation! April marks the first full calendar month of quarantine and it really hasn’t been that bad. More than ever, I am just so abundantly thankful that my family is healthy, and that I am able to stay safe here in Australia. I’m fully aware of how blessed I am in this situation, so I am doing my part to help others and help stop the spread.

Here is a little bit of what this month has looked like.

We had such a nice, quiet Easter this year. It definitely felt a little weird since we stayed home all weekend (first time for everything, I guess!), but it was honestly so peaceful and reverent. Not having any distractions meant we spent a lot more time reflecting on both Passover and Easter. Such a beautiful weekend!

Although most of our Easter plans couldn’t happen, we of course still had to have our Easter egg hunt! This is always such a fun tradition, and one that I’ve insisted continues until I have kids of my own to do it (don’t worry, my family is fully on board!).

Just a couple of Easter eggs for Gabriel and myself. Almost all of them are gone now 😳

All dressed up with no place to go 🤷🏻‍♀️ Although we didn’t leave the entire day, I still wanted to dress up for Easter! Since being in quarantine, I’ve been giving my hair and skin a break from heat and makeup, but I made an exception on Easter. It honestly felt so nice to get ready! Made me even more excited for the days when we can go out together again!

The sunsets have been insane these past few weeks. Sparking lots of joy over here!

Grocery store run 👍🏼

Managed to get an extremely blurry but still visible pic of the stars. They’ve been showing off recently! Big fan!

Weekend croissant breakfasts have quickly become one of my favorite quarantine rhythms.

Not a bad set up 🙌🏼

My Bubba (Great-Grandmother) is Macedonian and has always celebrated Orthodox Easter, so our entire family does too (although I’ll admit that it is more affectionately known as “Bubba’s Easter” haha). Usually, we’d all go over to my Bubba’s house for the day, eat some BOMB Macedonian food, and crack the red eggs. It goes without saying that we sadly couldn’t do all that this year, but my Bubba did still make the red eggs, and we all carried on the tradition in our own homes (note before anyone tries to come at me, no social distancing rules were broken, ok!).

So here’s Gabriel and I cracking our eggs. I lost, but TBH I think he hit it way too hard. Homie smashed it! There was no chance of my egg surviving.

One of our quarantine projects has been cleaning up the yard. We have a decently sized yard with a decent amount of trees and plants, so waste accumulates pretty quickly. We’ve had a couple of fires using the wood and branches we gathered! I love a good fire pit, so you know I was all sorts of happy.

Sidenote– we were out in the front yard a few weeks ago when my dad found a brown snake exactly where I had been sitting only a couple of minutes prior. We had a few black snakes last year, which definitely freaked me out (I really, really, really don’t like snakes lol), but a brown snake is way more worrisome. It was totally fine though. My dad saw it and it thankfully just slithered away from him.

Found my favorite cookie recipe! Will share soon– so good!

Gabriel has been having fencing lessons with one of his coaches at a park by us which has been a really great way for us all to get out and get moving. My parents and I go for a walk around the lake while he’s having his lesson, and it has been such a nice rhythm that we are so thankful we are able to practice!

Thankful for warm, sunny days, and for this beautiful setting!

When I’m not having croissants for breakfast, this has been my go-to!

Another fire with our Pop! Always so thankful when we get to spend this sort of time together.

I mean 😍

Our ANZAC day dinner! ANZAC day is such a special day for my family. I’ve spoken before about the strength and bravery of my great-grandfather, who fought with the ANZACs in WWII. I got to spend ANZAC day in Crete last year, which is where he was street fighting, and where he got captured as a prisoner of war (then also eventually escaped). That was such a huge, unexpected blessing last year, but it also felt so special to be with my family this year, and to honor him together. We spent hours around the table sharing stories and playing a game of ANZAC trivia that I made. So thankful.


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