Signs You Grew Up in the Church

This is my oldest friend Rubi and I in the church Christmas pageant circa 2003ish

It’s no secret that I’m a church kid through and through. Growing up, I never thought twice about it. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to realize some universals amongst the church community. Here are a few things my fellow church kids do/know to be true.

  1. You use the word “fellowship” in everyday conversation.
  2. You’re totally fine with people placing their hands on you (as in like, for prayer).
  3. You naturally reach for the hand of the person next to you at dinner to say grace (bonus points if you’re in public).
  4. John Crist jokes hit very close to home.
  5. Summer camp consisted of lots of Jesus and at least one emotional bonfire chat. 
  6. Mid-service, the bread and grape juice for communion was the greatest meal of all time.
  7. Vegetales. Nothing else to say. Just Vegetales. 
  8. You’ve seen “God’s Not Dead”.
  9. You worked in the children’s ministry (for at least a few weeks) in middle school and/or high school.
  10. You’ve seen all your (church) friends cry.
  11. You’ve always wanted to swim in the baptismal (I grew up in the Australian heat so maybe this is just a me thing?).
  12. You have had to explain to your friends what a fast was and why you would agree to such a thing.
  13. You invented games with your church friends because all your parents would talk for hours after service.
  14. You had a “WWJD” bracelet at some point.
  15. A lazy Sunday morning was a foreign concept. 
  16. You know someone who was never allowed to read Harry Potter (or you are that person). 
  17. You probably sang in a children’s choir. 
  18. The Christmas season began once pageant rehearsals started. 
  19. You’ve used the Church Bulletin as a notepad mid-service. 
  20. You know how to stack chairs. 
  21. You know someone who has “Footprints” framed somewhere in their home. 
  22. When I say “He is risen”, you automatically think “He is risen indeed”. 
  23. You can rattle off loads of scripture (bonus points for a full chapter, or to my fellow Geneva School kids, an entire book). 
  24. “How can I pray for you?” is a totally appropriate question.

All my love.


M. xo.


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