The Banana Bread Recipe I Swear By

Banana bread is a true crowd fav. in my family. The moment the bananas in the fruit bowl get too brown to eat, I’m like, “well guess I gotta make a banana loaf!”. As you can then probably imagine, banana bread is certainly what I bake most. It’s also what I enjoy eating most, too!

Since being in quarantine, my insta feed has been filled with other Gen Z/Millenial girls baking banana bread. I don’t know why or how we all have the same go-to activity during a global pandemic, but we clearly do, so I figured now would be a pretty good time to share my recipe.

I shared a banana bread recipe several years ago that is a lot healthier than this one (still delish.), but I’ve been using this recipe for about a year and it is my absolute favorite. Worth every calorie in my opinion! The way I see it, if you’re going to have banana bread, you might as well go all out and have the best freaking banana bread you can.

Happy baking!

All my love.


M. xo.


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