Things I Love About Australia


I am SO excited to be celebrating my homeland today, even if I am in New York and it is flipping freezing haha. It goes without saying that my last several Australia Day’s have been pretty different to traditional celebrations, but I always love the way the day forces me to take a break and think about the precious land down under. Even though I no longer call Australia home, it will always be my homeland, and I feel unbelievably blessed to have spent 12 years in such a beautiful country.

Since I feel as though I hardly speak about Australia, I wanted to do a quick post today highlighting just a couple of things I love about the country (and it’s people) in honor of Australia Day…

  • The Iconic Ads:
    • “Kiss me katut”, “That ain’t living barry, this is living”, the unforgettable Coles jingles with the big red foam finger, “Budget love, budget direct car insurance”, Happy little vegemite, and last but certainly not least, the cinematic masterpiece that is the Rivers ads.
  • The Beach
    • It’s no secret that Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. It wasn’t until I experienced beaches elsewhere that I realized just how amazing Australian beaches are. If you’re visiting, you must go to the beach, that is if you can set aside any fears of sea life haha.
  • Café’s
    • No one does cafés like Australia. I’m not saying they’re the best in the world, because quite frankly, I haven’t traveled enough to make that judgement, however I am saying that there is nothing quite like the relaxing environment of an Aussie café.
  • Slang
    • Australian slang is my favorite thing ever. I think it is SO funny. Like literally only in Australia would a normal sentence be incomprehensible in another English-speaking country. And to be totally honest, it makes me feel quite skilled when I can translate “Australian” sentences for my American friends. (My favorite slang words: struth, chockers, tucker, esky, bogan, sweet as, ta, and arvo.)
  • The “She’ll Be Right” Mentality
    • Australians are so laid back and it is SO refreshing. After constantly being surrounded by the intensity of New Yorkers, I have grown to appreciate Australian’s peace, even in circumstances where it is totally 100% reasonable to be worried.
  • McDonalds
    • This is so random, I know. BUT, Australian McDonalds is SO much better than American McDonalds. Not only does the food taste so much nicer, but the menu is a lot better (hello, McCafé), and besides, who can resist 50 cent soft serves? OMG and you can even get said soft serve with a flake. UGH I LOVE AUSTRALIA.
    • Tim Tams, Vegemite Toast, Freddo Frogs, Red Skins, Bubble O Bills, Splices, Pavlova, Lamingtons, Anzac Biscuits, Golden Gaytimes, Milo, Chocolate Freckles, Red Frogs, Violet Crumble, Caramelo Koala, Fairy Bread, Hundreds and Thousands Biscuits, Twirls, Meat Pies, Shapes, Minties, and Mint Slices. Enough said.
  • Sausage Sizzle
    • OK my American friends are going to be so confused by this name but let me tell you, sausage sizzles are SO great. Basically, it is just a sausage in a slice of bread with ketchup but like tbh, it is so much more than that. It is art, ok?!
  • Fearlessness
    • Australians are so brave. Like, SO brave. A few years ago, a video of an old man kicking a brown snake in my hometown went viral, and I think it perfectly illustrates the fearless Australian nature. This man was literally just like, “yeah not today, mate”, as he KICKED A BROWN SNAKE. AS IN LIKE YOU GET BIT, YOU’RE DEAD IN SIX MINUTES KIND OF SNAKE. Yeah seriously insane, but so funny.
  • The Dangerous Animals
    • You’re probably thinking I am crazy for loving this, but some weird part of me does. There’s something about being from a place that so many are scared of that makes me proud.
  • Beach Cricket
    • One of my all-time favorite summer activities.
  • The Fact That ‘Burger King’ Is Called ‘Hungry Jacks’
    • I don’t even know why but I find this so funny. Like what? Hungry Jacks? Really?
  • Chicken Salt
    • OK Americans listen up, chicken salt is SO good. I don’t know how to explain it to be totally honest, but what matters is that it is unbelievable and we need it.
  • The Use of The Word ‘Mate’
    • I find it so comforting to hear ‘mate’ in a conversation. I guess it’s because I grew up hearing it so much, but I think that it makes any statement so much more soft and personal.
  • How Ridiculous Some Of The Town Names Are
    • I love Aus but some of the cities and towns have such unusual names. For example, Wagga Wagga, Coffin Bay, Humpty Doo, Mount Buggery, and Poowong, just to name a few. Yeah, wack.
  • The Wildlife
    • Even though Australia has a bunch of dangerous animals like all the snakes and spiders, it’s also home to some of the worlds most beautiful wildlife. I feel so lucky to have grown up in an environment where I was exposed to unique wildlife every single day, and value such experiences greatly.
  • The People!
    • As great as these things are, nothing tops my incredible friends and family. I have no words for how amazing they are, but love them forever and miss them every day. They gave me the greatest childhood I could have ever dreamed of, and I feel so blessed to have had the experiences I have had because of them.

So there you have it, just a couple of things I love about Australia. There are obviously so many more reasons I adore my homeland, but for the sake of this post, and your sanity, I figured I’d wrap it up there.

To all my Aussies, I hope you guys had an absolute blast celebrating our country. Have some pavlova for me!

Talk soon, loves.

All the love.


M. xo.



  1. Ryan Smith
    January 26, 2018 / 10:23 pm

    U forgot the most important part, all your family that miss u so much!!!

    • madeline
      January 27, 2018 / 10:49 pm

      excuse me sir may i direct you to line 1 of the last bullet point. there you will find that you, being said “family”, got the last and greatest spot!!!!!!!! hahaha love you

  2. Nona
    January 29, 2018 / 9:49 pm

    So true Maddy but we lost some of the bed when you all moved away. Love you. Nona

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