You’re Stuck At Home… Now What

Boy oh boy has it been a week.

I was up visiting Sophie at Cornell last weekend, as things began to escalate, and as theories of what would happen next began to circulate. At that point, everyone’s spring break plans were mostly still intact, and it seemed crazy that schools were beginning to close for a few weeks. One week later, and it seems crazy to think that any school would stay open right now.

It honestly feels apocalyptic in NYC. Everything is closed– schools, restaurants, museums, churches, you name it. It’s pretty unsettling. Understatement of the year haha. But it’s true. And if you’re doing what you should be doing 👀, then you’re bunkering down at home (hi social distancing!), where it’s pretty easy to work yourself into a frenzy.

Y’all already know I’m all about making the most of a moment, so here a few things you can do over the next few weeks instead of sitting at home complaining about how bored you are (because no one likes a complainer).

  • Read those books that you’ve been meaning to read for too long! All through high school, I accumulated this list of books I wanted to read when I had the time. Every break, I’d make as much of a dent in it as I could (I was that kid who would start and finish at least one book on Christmas day). One of the many perks of being on a gap year is that I (obviously) have way more time to dedicate to crossing titles off the list. This time at home is the perfect chance for you to do the same! You could even start a small, book club-style rhythm with your family where you all read a book and then share about it over a meal. My family has done this before and it is so nice to hear what they’re reading and learning! I’m currently reading (and loving) The Scarlet Pimpernell by Baroness Orczy. Next, I think will be All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven in honor of the new Netflix movie (don’t worry– I’ve been warned and I’ll certainly be reading with tissues at the ready)!
  • Actually read your bible. SO many Christians I know say they wish they had more time to do this, and well, now is your time. I recently made an account on Rightnow Media and I’ve been loving it. I love going through the bible studies on a book of the bible. I’m currently working through one on the book of Colossians with Louie Giglio (love), but there are so many good ones! I especially loved the study of Ruth led by Bianca Juarez Olthoff (also love).
  • Watch a bunch of church services online! I don’t think any churches are meeting in person right now, so everyone has moved their services online. This means you can “attend” as many services as you wish from the comfort of your living room (I guess you can do this most Sundays, but this is certainly a novelty for me!).
  • Bake something. Whether it’s an old fav or a new recipe, baking is such a fun cozy day activity. I usually go for banana bread (crowd fav) or brownies, but with the extra time, you might as well try out that cake saved in your baking Pinterest board!
  • Create your spring playlist. I’ve been working on mine and I’ve been loving it! I could seriously spend hours browsing Spotify for new music.
  • Deep clean your house! Closets and all! I don’t think there’s ever been a better time for a proper spring clean.
  • Start learning a language on Duolingo! I freaking love Duolingo. It’s so fun! Whether you want to pick up the language you learned in high school, or gain a small understanding of a new one, it is such a good resource. And it’s free!
  • Play card games. Or board games! I’m a sucker for a good games night. Gabriel and I have been playing insane amounts of Checkers lately. Such a great and fun way to spend a night in with your family!
  • Binge a TV show with your fam. I almost always prefer to watch something with someone else rather than alone. It is (in my opinion) so much more fun to have that commentary alongside what’s on the screen. Also– I’m one of those people who like to debrief after watching something, so it’s always helpful if my family/friends have also seen whatever I was watching. My parents and I just finished The Loudest Voice with Russel Crowe on Showtime. Would definitely recommend it!
  • Have everyone pick a topic, research it, and present a powerpoint presentation on it that night. I realize how nerdy this sounds (trust me, I do), but it can honestly be as intellectual or fun as you want! Gabriel is currently working on “The 5 Most Influential Battles in History”, and I just finished my presentation on “A Complete Ranking of The Types of Ice”. Yep. So different but so fun!
  • Follow a drawing tutorial on youtube, or learn a new song on whatever instrument you play. I’m a super goal-oriented person, so having something tangible to show for my efforts is always satisfying for me. I think that sometimes the best way to unwind and disconnect is to do something that actually requires focus. You can easily watch a movie and still pick up the main plot points even if your mind is somewhere else. Sometimes it’s most relaxing to stimulate your mind rather than turn it off.

These are truly unprecedented times, and adjusting to this new (temporary, but new) normal can be difficult.

Praying so hard.

All my love.


M. xo.


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