Joy + Change in this Crazy Time

I’ve been thinking about how I want to share the more day-to-day elements of my life on this platform. I tried a 10 Things template towards the end of last year, and today I’m going to test out another format. One of my favorite bloggers, Carly Heitlinger (aka Carly The Prepster), does a “diary” post every other weekend, in which she rounds up the past two weeks by sharing her iPhone pictures. These are always my favorite posts of hers, and I think it’s a cool way to see a bit more of the story than what an insta story can show you!

So that’s what I’m doing today. I’m going to (try to) explain the past month and share the (kinda big) life updates through my iPhone pics. Enjoy!

I snapped this walking home from church a few Sundays ago. It was such a beautiful day!

Any hint of spring always has Gabriel and I ready for a Starbucks! With March consisting of (mostly) warm, sunny days, it’s safe to say we became very familiar with the staff at our neighborhood Starbucks.

Late-night diner runs for dessert 🙌🏼

Lived in NYC since 2013 and still taking tourist-y pics!

Catherine and I had been planning to go to Montreal together for her spring break, but last minute (I’m talking like two days before), we decided to go surprise Sophie at school instead. I reached out to her roommate (hi Jenna ily) to coordinate and we knocked on her door a couple of days later! She was so surprised!

So thankful we got to spend this weekend together before things escalated so much.

Aaaaand on our way back, you know we had to pop in to see our girl, Mags.

Gabriel and I have always been “all in” kind of people. Spirit week is no exception. He freaking killed it with his costume for character day (he was Napoleon if you couldn’t tell). There was also an NYC day, and he went as Bill Cunningham (all-time fav). So good!

So grown-up 🥺

I was walking to go get coffee one morning when I stumbled upon this set! Always so cool to see how much goes into a scene.

Here is where things started to change quite dramatically (and quickly). This is when we started social distancing and only leaving the house for a neighborhood walk or to get supplies. The weather has been amazing though– so afternoon walks very quickly became part of the schedule.

Went for a family walk to get donuts and bread from Orwashers (essentials) and found the most impressive doll-houses! My little girl self would’ve been all over it.

Another walk! Although this one wasn’t a cute 30min walk– we ended up walking over 6 miles. Basically, we needed suitcases, but most places are obviously closed, and we didn’t want to take the subway or even a cab/uber. So we walked. To buy suitcases. And then we rolled the suitcases the entire way back home. We must’ve been quite the sight walking through Central Park, rolling these suitcases 😂

Also– if you look behind me and Gabriel, you’ll notice how quiet the city is! So crazy to see it like this.

Felt like we had the whole park to ourselves at some points!

So. As to why we needed suitcases so badly… We came back to Australia. I’m sure you can all understand why. As more information about the virus was coming in, and things were changing so rapidly, we had to make a decision on what to do as a family, and we all felt that coming back to Australia was best for us. So we’re here for the time being. This doesn’t change anything about college for me, or high school for Gabriel, or even work for my parents. It’s just part of having two homes– you go between the two.

One last shake shack before leaving.

Quarantine breakfast 🙌🏼 Really loving that we get to share three meals a day together around the table as a family.

Eating GOOD.

We’ve reached the point where we’re cutting each other’s hair for fun 🤷🏻‍♀️

I also definitely made and presented a PowerPoint with a complete ranking of the types of ice. It’s the important things, yaknow?

We made croissants! Been missing Miss Madeleine’s 🙁, but this is certainly a good substitute for the time being!

Also made banana bread! Don’t think that would surprise anyone at this point!

Sweet care package from some of our closest family friends! We’re currently in our 14 days of isolation upon re-entering the country, so we’ve been surviving off of care packages like these and grocery deliveries from my uncle. It’s certainly an adjustment, having them drop things on the front porch and speak to them from the balcony, but we are just so beyond thankful for them and to be in our safe place.

My heart aches for the world right now. Praying so hard and holding on to His truth.

All my love.


M. xo.


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