Welcome To: DUMBO, Brooklyn

As I told you all last week, this week for me was midterms. This meant that my days were filled with exams, study guides, essays, and the occasional freak out. So by the time exams were over, my friends and I were so ready to do something fun, and so we decided to venture out to Brooklyn and have an adventure.

After practically sprinting out of our final Health exam, we all immediately went to the locker rooms to make ourselves look a little more presentable. Since we had been allowed to be out of uniform all week, combined with the reality that we go to an all girls school, we had all been showing up to school looking like we had just rolled out of bed. So we decided to change and fix ourselves up before leaving, instead of walking around DUMBO in our sweats when everyone else looks like they’re on the cover of some super cool indie album. Hipsters can be intimidating too, ok?!

We had originally planned to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but we were all so exhausted that a long walk did not seem enticing to any of us. Instead, we took the lazy route and just caught a train. We got on the train, played with snapchat filters, dropped some gum, endured the suspicious smells of the F train, and eventually found ourselves in Brooklyn.

I still don’t know how I did it, but I somehow managed to navigate all four of us to Brooklyn, around to everywhere we wanted to see, and back to the city again. This is a serious accomplishment on my part.

We stepped out of the train station and immediately started looking for photo-ops. We found the infamous street were every man and their dog seems to get their pictures in front of the Manhattan Bridge, and stood in the middle of the street for what felt like forever. We took SO many pictures, and they all looked exactly the same haha (except for the ones of us running away from cars, those are pretty funny). We literally chased down this girl who looked like she would take good pictures, and got her to take some group shots (we’re so annoying, I know). She wasn’t too friendly, but the pictures turned out great so we couldn’t complain.

Eventually, we made it to Shake Shack, and excitement levels were very high. We ordered way too much food and all ended up feeling like we were about to throw up, and laughing so much that we almost peed or spat something out. Not too lady-like, but fun nonetheless.

Later, we walked along the water, sang 2000’s music, took artsy pictures for strangers, fell over from the wind, ran around like crazy people, and made our way to these swings + the coolest playground/workout spot ever. It was seriously so much fun, and the best thing to do after such an intense week.

Walking back to the train, we were all talking about what we wanna do this year, and we all realized that you don’t need to spend a lot of money or go somewhere super cool to have a great time. Adventure is all around us, and it’s up to us to find it.

I am so looking forward to many more adventures with my friends this year, and encourage you to do the same!

Talk soon.



M. xo.

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  1. Georgia
    January 31, 2017 / 9:55 am

    So cute!

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