Where I’ve Been…

Hey. It’s been a while… How are you? 

I can imagine that you are probably seriously confused. I mean, I went on a three month blogging hiatus, came back with one post promising not to leave you hanging for another three months, and then suddenly do not post at all for the entire Summer. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, right? 

I could sit here and make up a million excuses as to why I let this happen, but I feel that doing so would be pointless. It happened. I’m sorry. Let’s move on.

By essentially taking a 6 month break off of this platform, I have realized why I started it in the first place. I genuinely love documenting my life on here, and I have found myself itching to get back to sharing the deets of the thrilling life of THE Madeline Chadban ;). 

I’ll admit, in the past, I have been guilty of letting this blog become more of a chore than a hobby, and so it feels incredibly refreshing to be genuinely in love with it again.

Anyway, all this to say, I’m very excited to be here today, rehashing the Summer with you all, and I won’t be making anymore promises from now on, because if there is anything I have learned over the past few months, it is that life is extremely unpredictable. 

So, without further ado, let’s walk through my Summer. 

Annie Off-Broadway

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that every June I perform in an off-broadway musical. This year, our show was Annie, and it was such an amazing experience. I think what made this year so special is that I grew incredibly close to my cast. The thing I love most about my theater company, TbT, is that everyone is friends despite age, gender, or interests. It’s just so cool to me. Going to an all girls school on the UES, cliques are pretty much inevitable; and so it was refreshing to be in a clique-free environment, and to be around people who share my beliefs.

I will admit, taking on such a big commitment in the spring of my Junior Year was certainly a challenge (especially when I sprained my ankle two weeks before the show). I was racing from the ACT to rehearsal, doing homework every spare moment I got, even practicing dances while studying, and yet, I would not have traded it for anything. The way my cast rallied around me, supported me, encouraged me, and prayed for me, made me feel so loved and thankful.

So yeah, the music and choreography was an absolute blast; but what made this show so truly amazing was the people. It was the perfect and most restorative start to the Summer. 

Our first costume fitting!
See what I mean about how everyone hangs out with everyone? Not one of us in this picture is the same age!
This picture is GROSS but I think it’s so funny. This was taken about 5 minutes after I sprained my ankle. If you look closely, you can see a tear rolling down my right cheek. I wasn’t crying because I was in pain (although I was), but rather because I was just so annoyed haha.
Servant Squad as a Kardashian Christmas card photo. 

Washington D.C.

I’m a Senior in high school (crazy, right?) which means that for the past year, my mind has been wrapped around college and college only. So, soon after my show, the Summer college tours began. 

Our grand tour of the Northeast started in none other than Washington D.C.! I love D.C. SO much! With its abundant history, influence, good food, and cute brownstones (hi Georgetown!), it is undeniably my favorite U.S. city (other than NYC of course). Even if I don’t end up down there for college, I can still totally see myself living there in the future.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Next up was Philly! Even though it is quite close to NYC, I had never been to Philly before this trip (outrageous, I know). Since it was my first time, I had absolutely no shame in indulging in all of the tourist shenanigans. 

Proud to say that I had a real Philly Cheese Steak. Not gonna lie though, I kind of hated it… BUT, I can still cross it off the bucket list, so it wasn’t a total waste, right?

Of course, a trip to the Rocky Steps was mandatory. Everywhere you looked, there were people either posing as Rocky, or running up the stairs to the movie soundtrack–It was quite a sight! But like, you can bet your bottom dollar I looked craziest of all as I haphazardly threw punches in the air! 

While in Philly, we also stopped by Federal Donuts. Anyone who knows my family knows that we have a huge sweet tooth, and we take our dessert quite seriously. So when I say that these donuts were delicious, you best believe me. They were also SO cute, and I mean, who doesn’t want some tasty, photogenic donuts?

Right after Gabriel accidentally punched me for real… 

Boston, Massachusetts

After a quick trip home to go see my girl Taylor Swift at MetLife (she was incredible, btw), we went up to Boston! I had heard so many good things about Boston, so I was eager to check it out for myself. We were only there for two nights, so we didn’t even come close to seeing everything, but what we did see was pretty spectacular! 

Not sure if any of you young ladies out there can relate, but the word “tea” seems to be a vital part of my vocabulary right now (no shame in my basic-ness). All this to say, I deeply appreciated that their subway line is literally called the “T”! The puns were never-ending. Still on the subject of “tea”/”T”, we even went to the Boston Tea Party Museum and Tea Room for a (you guessed it) cup of tea! It was SO cool! They served the OG teas that were thrown overboard at the Boston Tea Party, and had an entire reenactment of the event. You best believe I made the most of these prime pun/meme opportunities.

Martha’s Vineyard

Fast forward to August. In the few weeks after the college tours, a lot of life had happened. I was stuck in such a confused headspace, and was desperately craving some peace. That’s when I went to Martha’s Vineyard. My best-friend and I actually went up to the vineyard for a camp. We had absolutely no idea what to expect, and yet we had the greatest week ever. It was the most perfect week filled with new friends, good food, and a whole lot of Jesus. The only way I can describe how restorative it was is that for the first time in a long time, I felt 17 again. My biggest worry was how I was gonna get out of the organized group sport for that day (yeah, I’m that person). In no way did I expect this to happen, but it was definitely one of my favorite weeks of the Summer.


There is nothing quite like summer days with your friends. This summer, I had some of the greatest days with my friends, and made memories that I will treasure forever. 

Southampton, New York

Between everything else listed above, you could find me laying on Southampton beach. This was my family’s 5th year out in the Hamptons, and as always, it didn’t disappoint. My days consisted Tate’s Bakeshop in the morning, the beach in the afternoon, and Sag Harbor at sunset. Not complaining!

p.s. After literally hundreds of requests from some readers and enthusiastic friends alike (I’m looking at you, Sophie Harris), I gave into the peer pressure and finally made a video! Haha. I’m still experimenting with how I want to incorporate video into this site, so be sure to let me know how you feel about it!

OK wow. I feel like I’ve just updated my best friend after not seeing her for 6 months. It feels so great to be back and using this blog again. 

In the mean time, please do let me know how you’re doing! Whether it be by email, comment, or DM, I always love hearing from you! It is so cool to me that in just under 3 years, I have already heard from so many of you around the world.

As I say to all my best friends IRL, I love you a lot and I hope you are thriving.

Talk soon. 


M. xo.

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